Pod by Perspective

In Pod by Perspective, music video makers Lida and Lisa discover all layers of the music industry. In each episode we have an interesting conversation with a person from this industry. Whether you're a music lover, up-and-coming artist or party DJ - Pod by Perspective gives you all the insights from behind the scenes.

Pod by Perspective: S1E2 - The Music Journalist ft. Meike Jentjens

In episode 2 we talk to Meike Jentjens, a freelance music journalist who focuses on interviews and reporting. We're talking about how she got into this job, crazy things she's been through in the industry, and her future as a journalist.

Pod by Perspective: S1E1 - The Artist ft. AVA NOVA

In our conversation with AVA NOVA we talk about her life as an artist. We discuss topics such as making an album, creating awareness and discovering your own identity.