Blanko - Ways of the World
(Official Music Video) (2021)

Ways Of The World is a summer track about being happy with the things you have. The people Blanko meets on his road trip come and go, but they all leave their wise words. 

Marrzy - Lovesick (Official Music Video) (2021)

In Lovesick, the castle Marrzy lives in is a metaphor for the relationship she sings about in the song. She once loved her castle, but it's possessed now, and she isn't allowed to leave.

Blanko - lnto The Future

(Official Music Video) (2021)

Into The Future is about a cowboy searching for a wanted man. On his journey he discovers a whole new world and eventually finds his true self.

From the desert to the city, we drove across the country for this video.

AVA NOVA - Voices (Official Music Video) (2021)

Voices is a story about connecting with your inner voices. Normally this will be seen as 'crazy' or 'mental' but in this story it's the better place in your head where you can find inner peace by talking to multiple versions of yourself.

Susan H - Glow

(Official Music Video) (2020)

The first music video made by our own company                                                .

In this narrative video Susan is friends with the shy Sem who becomes more confident after a piñata falls on his head. His shyness is hidden in the mask. No one recognizes him with the mask as the shy Sem, he can now be who he wants. Susan would like Sem to feel comfortable, although she thinks it should be possible without the mask.

The Ballet Bombs - Hey Wait in VR 360° (2018) 

A music video for The Ballet Bombs in 360°. In this video you enter a parallel universe where time is a little messed up. It's an experimental VR, where I tried to visualize the feeling of time and how we wish time could work.


The Squall; Wind Speed Official Trailer

Documentary (2017)

Making a lie reality. A Non-existing  documentary about a band in The

Netherlands, that goes through all the things a famous band goes through. 

Full production by me.

Productions by Perspective (Est. 2020)


Productions by Perspective is an upcoming video production company, founded by Lida Groenen, Sanne de Laat and Lisa Hussaarts. Productions by Perspective focuses on making narrative videos that have a cinematic feel. By thinking outside the box our stories keep the attention of the audience to the very end of every video. We often work with a playful mix of humour and different film genres that suit the brand. We offer an all-in-one package creating a video from story to production to end result.