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Productions by Perspective (2020 - 2022)

Productions by Perspective is a video production company, focused on making cinematic music videos.

The company was set up by 3 creative entrepreneurs; Lida Groenen (producer), Sanne de Laat (art director & photographer) and Lisa Hussaarts (director & videographer).

By thinking outside the box, our stories keep the attention of the audience to the very end of every video. We often work with a playful mix of humour and different film genres that suit the brand. Productions by Perspective offers an all-in-one package creating a video from story to production to end result.

The Music Videos

TikTok & Reels

To grow the audience of Productions by Perspective, we made TikToks and Reels. By creating these videos, we gave our followers a behind-the-scenes look, took on challenges and created memes that reflected current trends in pop culture.

When it comes to views, we are quite proud that our videos reached 1,000 to 33 thousand views on instagram.



Within the company I had the following responsibilities:
Develop music video concepts
Make treatments, moodboards, storyboards and shotlists
Direction on set
Color grading
Co- social media content creation
Being a sidekick in a podcast